About Us

We are a group of people that have been lucky enough to bounce around the great big USA catching fish, singing drunk, finding passion and having a fun time.

We are just like you. We are the people laughing, fishing , playing on the SALT WATER, FRESHWATER and pretty much any place we can find fish, drink and pursue our passion…

We are a bunch of men and women wanting to come have a good time at the best fishing drinking dancing bars we can find.

We are REEL people with Real needs to drink, fish and party! We create good VIBRATIONS and let everyone know it!

Coast to Coast, in and out, up and down the best places to be! Join the Moorhead and Tales party and keep in touch with us as we continue our longing to check out new party and fishing holes.

Check our APPROVED PARTY and FISHING spots often to check out the great memories captured by our Moorhead And Tales Friends using our drinking and fishing gear to have a great time in style. Be part of great things to come and share your MOORHEAD AND TALES experiences! GET your favorite places APPROVED by Moorhead And Tales as a preferred party place by sending us pictures and a TALE of the great time you and your friends had.

We are so happy we have the ability to custom print your FAVORITE FISHING AND DRINKING TOWN on our products so you can tell people where you have been or where your going! We do this at no additional charge just to be different from other companies and to show our passion for a MOORHEAD AND TALES kinda day!